Air conditioning is one of the largest energy consumers in the residential and industrial sector. Air conditioning accounts for a large part of home and business owners energy bills. Millions of simple air conditioning units wastes unbelievable amounts of energy everyday. Installation of air conditioner energy saver will improve the overall energy efficiency of your system. Typically energy saving for your ac up to 40% can be achieved which leads to overall reduced electricity bill and reduced operating costs.

Principal of operation

The factors, including different climate in three seasons of the year and day today environmental temperature variation, mismatch between power of air conditioner and the size of living room, closeness in air conditioner room and improper fixed temperature. These factors lead to the contradiction between the performance of air conditioner and the actual selection of air conditioner

Therefore, it results in the high load and low load conditions. In high load time, compressor continuously works while compressor startup frequently in low loads condition. These extreme conditions waste a large amount of electric power. The aim of our energy saver is to save this unnecessary electric power.