Mega SLC Street Light Control System

Power quality is rather poor in india. interruptions both planned and unplanned are common. Line voltage variation of 15% or higher is common along with unwanted spikes and surges. All these problems are contributing for the inefficient lighting system with considerable wastage of electricity. This also reduces lamp life and leads to frequent lamp replacments and hence hihgher O & M costs

Mega energy solutions has introduced a latest technology Energy Saving light Controllers Mega SLC to take care of all above problems. By installing these Energy Saving Light Controllers a considerable energy saving can be acheived along with reduction in O & M costs. By installing Mega-SLC we can maintain the rated voltage level constant and there will be a considerable energy saving. We can adjust the output voltage of the Mega-SLC as per the lumen requirment during different time intervals. this is avhieved by eight user programmable voltage regulation points.

The payback period will be about 2 years at 35% energy saving rate. There will be continuous savings on electricity bills for years to come (for at least 15 years).

Our energy saving Principle

Mega – SLC : The right choice